Our Core Lineup

Main Tower


Our take on a classic pilsner with influences from both the German and Czech traditions. Kazbek hops provide floral, earthy and lemon peel notes that balance beautifully against a delicate grain bill of Pilsner and Vienna malt..

  • ABV 5.1
  • IBU 27

Greeter's Ale

Hoppy Pale Ale

A hoppy, West Coast take on the classic American Pale Ale. A base of American 2-Row and Vienna malt lays a foundation for the Mosaic, Columbus and Cascade dry hop charge that greets every sip with flavors of grapefruit, pine, and biscuity malt.

  • ABV 6.3
  • IBU 33

Tuava Guava


Packed to the brim with real guava, Tuava Guava is a clean American-style Hefeweizen overflowing with refreshing, tropical fruit notes. Brewed with an American Hef yeast strain, Tuava Guava has a pronounced citrus and floral aroma rather than the banana and clove flavors of a traditional Bavarian hef.

  • ABV 5
  • IBU 19

Canyon Road Red

Red Ale

An American Red Ale brewed with American 2 Row, Crystal 60, Red-X and Aromatic Malt and lightly hopped with Chinook. Flavors of caramel, toasted bread, and toffee are balanced by a clean, hoppy finish that leaves you wanting more.

  • ABV 5.5
  • IBU 22

Thousand Steps

West Coast IPA

A new school West Coast IPA that is extremely light in body and jumping out of the glass with aroma and flavor. Thousand Steps is dry-hopped with a massive dose of Mosaic, Simcoe and Citra and is bursting with aromas of tropical fruit, blueberry, citrus and pine.

  • ABV 7.1
  • IBU 70

Second Reef

Blond Ale

A traditional American blonde ale that is designed for maximum thirst-quenching. Brewed extremely light body of American 2-row and wheat and delicately hopped with Mosaic, this beer is the definition of clean and refreshing.

  • ABV 5
  • IBU 15

Ruby St.

IPA with Red Grapefruit

Ruby Street represents the culmination of our quest to squeeze the most citrus flavor and aroma possible into an IPA. The foundation of Ruby Street is a generous Cascade dry hop, which is famously citrus-like and imparts massive grapefruit notes on its own. Not satisfied with a mere dry hopping, we finish the beer with hundreds of pounds of real Ruby Red Grapefruit to push the beer over the edge into citrus-overload.

  • ABV 7
  • IBU 70